2. alc mode with super-d off and elc mode – Panasonic WV-CPR650 User Manual

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2-2. ALC Mode with SUPER-D OFF and ELC


Note: If ELC is selected, set MASK SET according to

this procedure.

Move the cursor to the SUPER-D parameter and
select OFF. (When you select ELC, SUPER-D is
not available.) The item MASK SET appears on the


2. Move the cursor to MASK SET and press [U. The

48 mask areas appear on the monitor screen. The
cursor is blinking in the top left corner of the

Move the cursor to the area where backlight is

bright and press E] to mask that area. The mask

turns white. (When the cursor is moved on an'area
that has already been masked, the mask and cur­

sor start blinking.)



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