faytech Industrial Motherboard Series User Manual

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Chapter 3: BIOS setup


Menu items

Thehighlighted item on the menu bar displays the specific items for that menu. For
example, selecting Main shows the Main menu items.

The other items (Ai Tweaker, Advanced, Monitor, Boot, Tool, and Exit) on the menu
bar have their respective menu items.

Back button

This button appears when entering a submenu. Press <Esc> or use the USB
mouse to click this button to return to the previous menu screen.

Submenu items

A greater than sign (>) before each item on any menu screen means that the item
has a submenu. To display the submenu, select the item and press <Enter>.

Pop-up window

Select a menu item and press <Enter> to display a pop-up window with the
Configuration options for that item.

Navigation keys

At the bottom right corner of the menu screen are the navigation keys for the BIOS
setup program. Use the navigation keys to select items in the menu and change
the settings.

General help

At the top right corner of the menu screen is a brief description of the selected

Configuration fields

These fields show the values for the menu items. If an item is user-configurable,
you can change the value of thefield opposite the item. You cannot select an item
that is not user-configurable.

A configurable field is highlighted when selected. To change the value of a field,
select it and press <Enter> to display a list of options.

Chapter 3: BIOS setup