5 panel controller (amd, Gpu only), 6 dio function – faytech Industrial Motherboard Series User Manual

Page 38: 7 north bridgelvds config select (amd, 8 onboard devices configuration

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Power On By Ring [Disabled]



Disables Ring to generate a wake event.

Enables Ring to generate a wake event.


Panel Controller (AMD


GPU only)

Backlight Brightness Setting [75]

Allows you to set the backlight brightness. Select a larger number for a brighter
backlight. Configuration options: [0][25][50][75][100]


DIO Function

GPIO 1~8 [Input]

Allows you to configure the digital signal of the GPIO (General Purpose Input/
Output) pins 1~8. Configuration options: [Input] [Output High] [Output Low]


North BridgeLVDS Config Select (AMD


GPU only)

LVDS Panel Config Select [1024x768]

Allows you to configurethe resolution for the LVDS panel. Configuration options:
[800x600 18bit] [800x480 18bit] [1024x768 24bit] [1280x800 18bit] [1280x1024
48bit] [1440x900 48bit] [1680x1050 48bit] [1920x1080 48bit]

EDID Panel Option [Enabled]

Enables or disables the EDID panel. Configuration options: [Enabled] [Disabled]


Onboard Devices Configuration

Onboard WLAN [Enabled]




Enables the onboard wireless LAN / WiMAX.

Disables the onboard wireless LAN / WiMAX.

Enables the onboard audio controller.

Disables the controller.

Onboard Audio [Enabled]


RS Mode [RS232]

Allows you to configure the serial communications standard of serial port (COM)
1. Configuration options: [RS232] [RS422] [RS485]

Onboard LAN [Enabled]



Enables the Realtek LAN controller.

Disables the controller.


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