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TC Player User Manual

Version 4.08.00

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3. Settings in the Management Console

Start playing automatically

Start playback as soon as a file or voice message has been opened.

Close at Stop

Close the player at the end of the message or when the user clicks stop

Multimedia Device

Device to be used for playback/recording. This can be either a telephone extension or your local computer

system if equipped with a sound card.


Extension to use when playing/recording via telephone

Voice Mail

The tabs regarding Voice Mail are Out of Office and Personal Identification. They will not be dealt with in

the A

dministrator‟s Manual as they are rather user specific.

(Please see the TCfW User Manual or the Voice Mail Manual for more information.)


Registry Settings

Certain Voice Player settings cannot be configured via the management console.

Registry Key




\Topcall\Player\RecordTimeOut DWORD 60

This key defines the maximum recording time of
TC/Player in seconds. Change this to a higher
value to be able to record for more than 1 minute.