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TC Player User Manual

Version 4.08.00

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4. Using the Command Line

You can also access TC Player via the command line.


You can enter the name of a file to be played on the command line.


TC Voice Player is started for playback by default.
You can enter „/Mode:Record‟ and use a filename to record a file.


This parameter specifies whether to show a Player Window or not.


You can use this parameter to override the „Start Playing Automatically‟ setting in TC Preferences.


You can use this parameter

to override the setting „Close at Stop‟ specified in TC Preferences.

/Output=[Telephone:<Extension>|LocalPC] Default from TC Preferences

You can override the Input/Output Device specified in preferences with this parameter.


User interface to show. See the included screenshots in the previous chapters. If you are using the TC

Voice Player from within Outlook or Lotus Notes you can display a familiar user interface.