Technical support – Kofax Front-Office Server 2.7 User Manual

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Kofax Front-Office Server Configuration Guide for Documentum 5.3


Kofax, Inc.

Only the object_name index field appears when I send documents to a destination. How do I

add index fields?

Add any fields you want to use in the document type. None of the inherited attributes appear,

except for object_name. Make sure that the attribute name is in all lowercase, and it does not

include a system-defined prefix (such as a_, i_, and r_) and spaces. Refer to

Setting Up


on page 6 for more information.

I am unable to save documents to Documentum destinations. How do I fix this?

Check the properties for the cabinet and make sure you have selected “Write (Includes

version, relate, read and browse)” under Basic Permissions and only “Execute Procedure” and

“Change Location” under Extended Permissions.

How do I send documents to a destination from the MFP?

Create shortcuts in Kofax Front-Office Server Administration Console and Kofax Front-Office

Server Web Client. Shortcuts created with Kofax Front-Office Server Administration Console

are available to all users of an MFP. Users can create their own shortcuts with Kofax Front-

Office Server Web Client.

Kofax Front-Office does not show the changes I made in Documentum Administrator. What

should I do?

In Kofax Front-Office Server Web Client, right-click Documentum and select Refresh. If this

does not update the information, use Documentum Server Manager to stop and restart the

applicable DocBase and DocBroker services. Refer to the Documentum documentation for


Why am I unable to send documents to Documentum from the MFP?

Make sure that you have established credentials for a Documentum user in Kofax Front-Office

Server Administration Console.

Refer to Setting Up User Accounts

on page 6.

Technical Support

For additional technical information about Kofax products, visit the Kofax Web site at and select an appropriate option from the Support menu. The Kofax Support

pages provide product-specific information, such as current revision levels, the latest drivers and

software patches, online documentation and user manuals, updates to product release notes (if

any), technical tips, and an extensive searchable knowledgebase.

The Kofax Web site also contains information that describes support options for Kofax products.

Please review the site for details about the available support options.

If you need to contact Kofax Technical Support, please have the following information available:


Kofax Front-Office Server software version and build number


Operating system and service pack version


MFP or scanner make and model


Kofax Document Scan Server version


Destination type name, version, and configuration


Special/custom configuration or integration information