Prerequisites, Setting up user accounts, Setting up destinations – Kofax Front-Office Server 2.7 User Manual

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Kofax Front-Office Server Configuration Guide for Documentum 5.3


Kofax, Inc.


Before performing these procedures in Documentum, make sure that you have set up repositories

for Kofax Front-Office Server documents. Refer to the Documentum documentation for


Setting Up User Accounts

Kofax Front-Office Server and Documentum use separate security systems. To send documents to

Documentum, you need to log on with a valid Documentum user account as follows:


Users sending documents through Kofax Front-Office Web Client are prompted to enter an

Documentum user name and account when they expand the list of destinations. Once they

have logged on successfully, the credentials are saved.


Administrators setting up global and group shortcuts can save an Documentum user name

and password for the Documentum destination type. The credentials are used as defaults

when creating shortcuts for Documentum destinations. Administrators can override the

defaults by assigning different user accounts to individual shortcuts.

After the credentials have been saved, users or administrators are not prompted for a

Documentum user name and password unless they were changed.

Refer to the Help for Kofax Front-Office Server Web Client and Kofax Front-Office Server

Administration Console for instructions.

Setting Up Destinations

Use Documentum Administrator to create the document types and corresponding cabinets that

you will use as Kofax Front-Office Server destinations. The document type name appears in Kofax

Front-Office Server Web Client. Cabinets are used for storing documents that are sent to the

document type.


The document type and cabinet names must match exactly. Type the document type

and cabinet names in lowercase. Documentum automatically converts names to lowercase.

When you create the document type, you can specify which attributes appear as index fields in

Kofax Front-Office Server. Note the following:


The only inherited attribute that can be displayed as a Kofax Front-Office Server index

field is object_name, which is used for the name of the document. This attribute is added

automatically as an index field.


All other inherited attributes (including system attributes that start with the letters a_, i_,

and r_) are not shown.


When naming a new attribute, do not use a system-defined prefix (such as a_, i_, and r_),

or the attribute will not be shown.


When you enter data into an index field in Kofax Front-Office Server Web Client, the type

is validated at the client side, but the length of the data is validated at the server. For

example, if you enter letters into an integer field, a warning appears when you click


X To create a document type


If you are not still in Documentum Administrator, log on to the repository for Kofax

Front-Office Server documents.