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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide for Fujitsu Network Scanners


Kofax, Inc.

Release Notes

Late-breaking product information is available from the release notes. Read the release notes

carefully, because they contain information that may not be included in other Kofax Front-Office

Server documentation. The release notes are available for viewing or downloading from the Kofax

Web site.

Documentation for Deprecated Features

Documentation for deprecated features is provided for your reference. It is recommended that

you use the new features, as indicated in the release notes. Deprecated features are retained in the

product for backward compatibility. These features may be removed in a future release.

For information about deprecated features and the new features to use instead, refer to the release



Kofax offers both classroom and computer-based training that will help you make the most of

your Kofax Front-Office Server solution. Visit the Kofax Web site at for complete

details about the available training options and schedules.

Technical Support

For additional technical information about Kofax products, visit the Kofax Web site at and select an appropriate option from the Support menu. The Kofax Support

pages provide product-specific information, such as current revision levels, the latest drivers and

software patches, online documentation and user manuals, updates to product release notes (if

any), technical tips, and an extensive searchable knowledgebase.

The Kofax Web site also contains information that describes support options for Kofax products.

Please review the site for details about the available support options.

If you need to contact Kofax Technical Support, please have the following information available:


Kofax Front-Office Server software version and build number


Operating system and service pack version


MFP or scanner make and model


Kofax Document Scan Server version


Destination type name, version, and configuration


Special/custom configuration or integration information


Kofax Front-Office Server enables documents from a variety of sources, including multifunction

peripherals (MFPs), to be delivered to content management systems, email servers, and other


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