Warning, Caution – Whirlpool WSR413YW0 User Manual

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Electrical Shock Hazard

Special care must be taken when drilling into
water pipes. Some water may remain in pipe.
• If an electric drill is used, it must be properly

grounded to prevent severe or lethal shock if
water should enter drill. Use only an electric
drill with a 3-wire power supply cord connected

to a grounded receptacle.

• Check with a qualified electrician if you are in

doubt as to whether your electric drill is
properly grounded.

• Only drill at top or side of horizontal drain

pipe. DO NOT drill at bottom of horizontal pipe
where water may remain.

Failure to follow these instructions could result in
personal injury or death.

Make sure sink faucet is turned off and allow



all water to drain from tailpiece. The drain

saddle valve must be installed above (before) the trap.

It should be mounted with the opening on the top of
horizontal drain pipe to avoid drain gurgling noise. If

this is not possible, it can be installed on a vertical
section of the drain pipe before the trap. For basement
installations, route drain line through an air gap to
laundry sink, floor drain or stand pipe.

mount drain saddle at

either location

A Inspect the condition of the sink drain pipe.

^ U a Replace any trap or tailpiece that is in poor
condition. Water from the RO system drain line must
flow into a suitable drain. The black tubing from the
faucet must flow downward to the drain.


Property/Product Damage

DO NOT install drain saddle assembly to:

- a tailpiece used as a garbage disposal outlet.
- the bottom of a horizontal section of tailpiece.

Failure to follow these instructions could result
in plugging of filtration system drain line.


drain saddle


Af\ The drain saddle assembly is designed to fit a

Standard V/


" O.D. tailpiece. Smaller or larger

tailpiece piping will require
a special drain saddle


assembly available
from your local
plumbing supply dis-


tributor. Position both '

halves of the drain saddle

on the tailpiece. Insert bolts
in drain saddle and tighten evenly and
firmly. Check that both halves of drain saddle
are parallel and equally spaced.

Af\ You will need a

^vl ■ grounded electric drill

or hand drill and a V^" drill bit

to drill a hole in the drain pipe.

Insert drill bit into opening of drain

saddle. Operate drill slowly to drill
through one side of drain pipe.

Thread elbow into drain saddle. Tighten elbow
as far as it will go.


Product Damage

The black tubing from the faucet must slope
downward without loops or low spots to the
drain saddle.

Failure to follow this instruction could result in

excessive drain noise.

AX Run black tubing to drain saddle. Check

^ I

■ that tubing slopes continuously downward from

faucet without loops or low spots. Cut black tubing to
shortest length possible, make sure end of tubing is
clean and blunt and tubing is round. Push black tubing
into push-in connector on drain saddle elbow as far as
it will go.

Clean, square cut