Installation overview, Reverse osmosis water filtration system, Before you start – Whirlpool WSR413YW0 User Manual

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Installation Overview

Before You Start...

IMPORTANT: Read and save these instructions.
It is recommended that this system be installed by a licensed
plumber. It is the responsibility of the installer to comply

with the installation specifications provided and with
state and local plumbing codes.

If you decided to install the system yourself, see
“General Information” on page 13 before continuing.

Water Filtration System IV can be installed in the basement if
there is not adequate room for under-sink installation, howev­
er. no more than 14 additional feet of tubing should be used.
Order Basement Installation Kit, Part No. 4373517 from your
Whirlpool dealer and follow the kit instructions. DO NOT use

filtration system if water is microbiologically unsafe or water
quality is unknown. Pretreat water that exceeds limits for
hardness, iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide.

Reverse Osmosis

Water Filtration System


If you need assistance ...
Refer to the Use & Care information at the end of this
booklet. If you need more help, the Whirlpool Consumer

Assistance Center will answer any questions you may
have about operating or maintaining your RO water
filtration system. The Whirlpool Consumer Assistance
Center is open 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Just dial
1-800-253-1301—the call is

free. When you call, you will

need the RO water filtration

system model number and
serial number. Both num­
bers can be found labeled

on the top right side of filtra­
tion assembly.


• Turn off cold water supply.
• Turn on faucet to drain water

from line.

• Connect saddle valve to cold

water supply.

• Turn saddle valve handle clockwise until

piercing lance enters pipe and stops.


• Connect faucet spout, chrorne

base plate, indicator light disk
and rubber washer to faucet base.^

• Connect green tubing and black tubing

to faucet.


• Place faucet in sink opening. Secure

faucet to sink with slotted washer,
spacer, flat washer, hex nut and grey
connector. Connect blue tubing to
bottom of faucet assembly.

• Connect faucet indicator wire to wire

harness on filtration assembly.
Insert battery.


• Install RO cartridge into filtration

assembly. Connect one end of
red tubing to bottom of RO
cartridge. Connect other end to green
tubing from faucet.

• Connect orange tubing to saddle valve.
• Use orange tubing from filtration

assembly to fill storage tank with water.

• Connect yellow tubing to storage tank.


• Decide where'drain saddlewill

be mounted. The best place Is
on a horizontal drain tailpiece
above (before) the trap. ■ v

• Connect drain saddle to drain pipe.
• Drill hole in drain using opening in drain

saddle as a guide.'.


• Thread elbow into drain saddle.

Connect black tubing to elbow.


• Slide filtration assembly onto

mounting screws.

• Turn on faucet and drain tank to

flush disinfectant from tank.

• Turn on cold water supply and

saddle valve.

• Allow tank to fill • approximately 4 hours.

Lift faucet handle to drain tank, Fill and
drain tank again - another 4 hours. Wait

for tank to fill again. When faucet is
turned on, green indicator light will
indicate water is ready for use.