GE 24734 GE Millennium TV Antenna User Manual

Millennium™ tv antenna, Includes: 1-antenna

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Millennium™ TV Antenna




Conexión de antena

300 ohm/75 ohm Transformer
AV23202 (Not included)
Tra n sf


rm a d


r AV23202

^0/75 ohmios (no incluido)

Use AV23225
Band Separator

(not included)
Separador de bandas


Coaxial Cable
Coaxial Cable

From TV Antenna

Antena de TV

Manual Version 2




Check the rear of your set to determine

what type of antenna input it has,

and refer to the appropriate diagram below.


For best results, follow the steps below:

1. Make sure the antenna is connected

to the connector on the rear of your TV

as shown above.

2. Set your television to the lowest

channel number available in your area,

which is usually the most difficult

station to receive.

3. Fully extend the rabbit ears, and

place them as horizontal as space

permits. You may find that you do

not need to extend the rabbit ears

all the way for good performance.

4. Adjust the rabbit ears, and rotate

the entire antenna until you find the

position that gives you the best picture.

5. Often, you will not need to make any

adjustments at all in order to receive the

rest of the stations clearly. If any

adjustments are required,

however, make them accordingly.

6. If the signal is not clear, turn the tuner

knob slowly until the picture is clear. A

different level may be required for one

channel versus another.


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