GE 94714 Optima TV Antenna User Manual

Optumft tv antenka

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Tne OPTIMA Antenna represents tiie lirsi slgnllicani development in television antenna lecnoology since the invention ol the rabbit ears. Tlie leebnology used

by OPTIMA was iitst developed tor use in military airborne radar warning receivers, but has been adapted through the devek^^nent ol proprietary Ftaquency

Inaepmdmi Coupling’'* (FIO)'** Circuitry to work in teievision appiloations.

One ol the key chaiaotarisiics ol Ftequancy IndapendBril Coupling and the OPTIMA Antenna is that the reguirement lor adiusiment ol the antenna as you
change channels is greatly reduced. You will notice this In your day to day use ol the antenna, when you will be able to go through nearly all ot the channels

without adjusting the antenna at aD.

Ard because the FIO system lis capable ol receiving linaarty polariaed signals at any angle of polanzeiion, the signal lading ihai Is so prevalent with

coiwenilonal indoor antennas is vimially etimlnaied. This means clearer piciures arM more vibrant cckors than you will receive wiih oiher antennas.


l-OPTIMA Anianna 1-S4'Coaxial Cable I-AC Adaptor


The OPTIMA UHFA/HF/FM antenna Is designed to work with any television set, VCR, or FM stereo. Check me rear ol your set to deleimine what type ol
antenna input it has, and refer to the appropriate chan bakiw.


1. Make sure the antenna is corrnecled to the connector on the rear ot your TV as shown above.

2. Plug ma AC adaptor into any 120 voll wall outlet, and Iho other end into the DC power jack located on the roar ol the antenna base,
a. The LSD on the Iron! ol the antenna will light up, Indicating that the antenna is on.
4. Extend the rabbit ears, and place them as hoiizontal as space permits. You may lind that you do not need (e cxicnd the rabbit cats all the way lor
good performance.

5. Adjust the rabbit ears, and rotate Ihe eiMire antenna until you lind the position that gives you the best picture. For best performance, you may need to

make sura that no part ol the anletxia is touching any wall or metal objacl.

S. No adjustments are required lor Ihe amplilier. It Is pre-luned to work at me opiimum level of performance at any station.
7. The amplilier is always on when the AC adaplor Is plugged into the wall otfilel. The ampliltar can be left on at all limes (even when not is use) because
ol the extremely low power refiulremenls ol Ihe OPTIMA antenna,


1. This Is a precision device, and must be handled wilh cate lor optimum perioimance.

2. Only use Ihe AC adaptor supplied wilh this antenna. Use ot other AC adaptors may damage Ihe antenna.
3 .Do not use this product near water or it you are wet.
4. Do not disassemble this product. There are no sennceable pans inside, and opening this product may expose you to dangerous voltages.

5. Do not use outdoors. This product is lor indoor use only.

LIMITED WARRANTY: Vasco prooucts wanants the produci to be tree irrxn mamitacrunng delects trx a penrxr of ninety rlaya

ftrxn me origmal date ot consumer pivchase. This warranty is Xneod to the locov or reptocemoot rat mis txorruci txily afxT dom not extend

to consrxpjenhal or incidnnier damego lo orher producís mat may be trsrsd ymn this rmit. This warranty is in t«ri ot ae other watmnlies

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