GE 50490 GE Gradual Lamp Dimmer with Touch Control User Manual

Gradual light dimmer, Usted

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Gradual Light Dimmer




For indoor use only. Use a standard

incandescent bulb rated at 150W or less.

1. Unplug lamp. Screw unit into lamp


2. Tighten brass screw on socket securely

to metal lamp socket.

3. Insert incandescent bulb.

4 Plug in lamp and turn lamp switch on. If

lamp is 3-woy, set to highest setting.

5. Touch any metal portion of lamp

repeatedly to step through high,

medium, low and off light level settings.

6. To activate automatic gradual dimming, first

select desired starting light level (see step 5). Press

socket doze button once Doze indicator light will turn on. The lamp

will gradually dim o/er 30 minutes and then turn off.

7. Lamp can be turned on after doze Q/cle by using touch feature (see

step 5) or by toggling lamp swiitch.


bulb in base-up


Is a trademark of the General Electric Company

and is used under license to Jasco Products
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This Jasco product comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

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