GE 19215 GE Direct Wire Push Button White User Manual

Direct wire push button, Replaces current chime push button

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Direct Wire Push Button

Replaces current chime push button

Note: This button is not recommended for use on

systems which exceed 16 volts.

Push buttons ore typically mounted at the some
height above the door sill os the door knob or handle
between 36" and


above the sill. Locate the two

door chime wires emanating from the existing door
chime circuit. Test

the door chime by
touching the two

wires together,

completing the
circuit. If door chime
does not sound,
check transformer
or chime. Turn off

power. Attach one

wire to each of the

screw terminals on

the bock of the

button. Mount
button in desired
location with two

screws provided.

Install according to

applicable local
electrical codes.