Drawmer DS201 Dual Noise Gate User Manual

Page 7

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Key Listen/

When this switch is set to Key Listen, the effect of the key filters on
the programme material is heard at the output. In normal operation,
the Gate position is selected; the filters only affect the way the DS201
responds to the incoming programme material - they do not have any
direct effect on the output signal. The Bypass position routes the
input signal to the output with no processing.

Note: It is possible to leave the switch in the Key Listen position in

order to use the DS201 simply as a filter rather than a gate.


The famous Drawmer “traffic light” display shows gate status.

Gate Closed

Hold Time

Gate Open

Stereo Link

This switch links both channels for two tracking channel operation,
with channel one being master. The trigger source selected for
channel one will actuate both channels' envelopes when this mode is

Note: See section on Linking under 'APPLICATIONS'.