Drawmer – Drawmer SDX100 for Soundscape User Manual

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0.0 to -50.0dB.

Controls the level below which compression
starts to take place.


1:1 to 20:1

Ratio determines the amount of compression to
be used.

Knee Button

3,6,12 and 24dB

A softer knee (3dB) provides the least obtrusive


500uS to 2.0S.

Controls the speed that the compressor responds
to signals that exceed the level set by threshold.


50.0mS to 2.0S.

Sets the time taken for the signal to return to
normal after the input level has fallen below

When selected, Auto disables the Attack and
Release controls and continually optimises the
attack and release times to suit the dynamics
of the material being processed. In general, this
setting will produce the least obtrusive level
control on signals with widely varying dynamics
or complete mixes.

A compressor attenuates high levels, thus effectively reducing the dynamic range, making it possible to
fit a large signal into a smaller space and also much easier to control signals and set appropriate fader
levels. Reducing the dynamic range also means that recording levels can be set higher, therefore improving
the signal-to-noise performance.


-5.0 to +20.0dB (Normal mode)

During compression the signal is attenuated,
gain may be required to produce the desired
output level. Only apply gain until the limiter
operates on signal peaks.

Bootstrap Button
Gain range alters:

-12.5 to +12.5dB

The purpose of the Bootstrap Compressor is to
pull signals up towards digital full scale. This
combined with Program Adaptive algorithms
provides punch, enhances spectral detail and
delivers well controlled power.

G.R. Meter

0.0 to -30dB

Enables the compressor. When pressed in the
signal is passed directly to the limiter without

Using the SDX100

Quick Start

The fastest parameter setup can be obtained
by using the factory presets. (See “Patches”)
Alternatively, setting of controls can be done
very quickly using the following suggestions:

• Bypass the Gate or Expander.

• Select Auto Attack & release

• Select Auto Gain Make-up

• Ensure the Limiter control is fully clockwise.

• From the programme material, decide how

severe compression is going to be. We
suggest less than 2.5:1 for vocals, even less
for full mixes, and more for dynamic single

• Using the vertical VU meter and the

Compressor Gain Reduction (GR) meter,
rotate the Threshold until some GR activity
can be seen. As a rule, the Threshold will
need to be about 6dB to 10dB below the
average input level to both see, and hear,
much change.