Drawmer SDX100 for Soundscape User Manual

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operator’s manual


Before using the SDX100 plug-in a
password input is required. To enter
any password within the Soundscape
operating system go to the drop
down menu ‘Options/Passwords’ for
Mixtreme or the Options/Optional
Modules window menu for the
SSEditor. This will open up the
following screen :

Enter the password that corresponds with the
DrawmerSDX100 entry - The password can be
found within the purchased package.

Accessing the Drawmer SDX100 from within Soundscape

To use the Drawmer SDX100 plug-in, a mixer
must first be created from within the Soundscape

To do this select the Create tool, enter mixer
Edit mode and click in a free space in the mixer

A drop down menu will open listing all of the
available plug-ins on your system.

Looking at the SDX100 section you will find six
entries: Expander (mono), Expander (stereo),
Noise Gate (mono), Noise Gate (Stereo), Noise
Gate (mono + ext trig) and Noise Gate (stereo +
ext trig).

Entering the Password

click here to display
the plug-in list

Upon returning to the mixer channel come out of edit
mode then...

...double-click on SDX100 caption bar to open the
main plug-in window.