Drawmer SDX100 for Soundscape User Manual

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operator’s manual



Release Button

Fast, Mid 1, Mid2, Mid 3, Slow

Sets the length of time for the signal to return to
normal after the limiter has been active.


-20.0 to 0.0dB

Sets an absolute limit to the level that the output
signal will not be permitted to exceed. This limiter
is very fast acting enabling it to control any
peaks without audible distortion.
The compressor Gain control should be used to
ensure that the peak limiter operates only rarely
if at all, if it is to be used purely for peak
protection. Alternatively, it may be deliberately
driven into limiting to produce creative effects.
TIP: The pointer to the left of the output meters
can be dragged vertically to set the maximum
output level.

Limiting is an extreme form of compression, where the output signal is sharply attenuated so that it
cannot exceed a particular level. A further feature of the SDX100 is a peak limiter which allows the user
to set an absolute output signal level that will not be exceeded. If the peak limiter threshold is exceeded
for more than a few milliseconds, additional gain reduction will be applied to reduce the overall signal
level to within accepted limits without distortion. Once the peak has passed, the system gain will return
to normal over the period of about one second. This facility is extremely valuable both in live sound
applications, for driver protection, and in digital recording where an absolute maximum recording level
exists. Furthermore, when overdriven, it can be used creatively to produce deliberate level pumping


Output Meters

0 to -63dB

The Output Meters, located on the right of the
GUI, represents the outgoing signal from SDX100
and is displayed by 64 led bar meters. A range

0 to -63dB

is shown.

G.R. Meter

0.0 to -16dB

Note: Bypass
The limiter is only ever bypassed when the main
plug-in bypass is in operation.

Using the SDX100