Future Retro Zillion Installation Instructions User Manual

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Zillion Upgrade Installation Instructions

Upgrading the Zillion OS requires removing the old process from its socket, and
installing the new one in its place.

Before beginning, be sure to turn the unit’s power off, and remove the power supply from
the unit.

Remove the four black philips screws from the sides of the unit.

Remove the four silver philips screws from the bottom of the unit.

While holding the unit upside down in the palm of your hand, lift the front of the bottom
chassis away from the top chassis.

Locate the processor chip (labeled U2), and insert a small flat-blade screw driver between
the bottom of the processor chip and the top of the socket it sits in. Twist or lift the flat-
blade screw driver to remove the old processor from the socket.

Insert the new processor chip into this socket and be sure that the indentation of the chip
is located next to the U2 test on the PC board. Be sure all pins processor are lined up with
the socket, and press the processor down and into place.

Reinstall the bottom chassis, and the chassis philips screws.

Connect the power supply to the Zillion, hold the (-)key, and turn the power on. Continue
to hold the (-)key until the display reads “Initialize Setup”. Press the (+)key to confirm
the Initialization.

Press the (+)key again and the display will read “Save Everything”, press the (+)key
again to store this new initialization.

Your Zillion is now ready to use as normal. Please see the OS or Manual Addendum to
learn more about the new features this OS includes.