Future Retro 777 V3.10 OS Features User Manual

777 os upgrades

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777 OS Upgrades


777 V3.10 Additional Features

OS V3.10 for the 777 adds all of the following features to the sequencer.

Soft Reset

Note: A soft reset must be performed the first time the unit is powered up after installing an OS upgrade.

To perform the soft reset, start with the unit powered off. Hold

step key 1 and turn the power on. Continue to hold

step key 1 until the 777 leaves the display. You may now release the step key 1 and operation will default to pat-

tern 1, bank 1 selected.

Due to the nature of the 777's sequencer always saving its parameters behind the scenes, should the unit be pow-

ered off while the unit is running, or while edits are being performed there is a chance that some parameters may

not be saved correctly. This may cause the unit to appear to be stuck in a loop or have strange combinations of

LEDs lit up the next time the power is turned on.

For good practice, always stop the units playback before turning the power off. Should this happen you can use the

soft reset feature to solve the problem without harming any of your internal patterns or songs.

Location Recall

When the 777 is turned on it will automatically select the last sequence and mode you were working with when the

unit was last used.

MIDI Clock transmission

The 777 will now send MIDI clock, start and stop messages via the MIDI out jack whenever the unit is syncing to

another sequencer.

MIDI Sync Start/Stop Feature

After the 777 starts syncing to an external MIDI clock, you may now start and stop the 777's sync and playback by

pressing the

run/stop key. This may be of use if you need your master MIDI device to continue playing but would

like to stop the 777's playback.

Keep in mind that the 777 will begin playback at the first step of a measure when the sync feature is reactivated. If

you reactivate the sync feature while the master sequencer is in the middle of a bar, the relationship of the 777's

time and the master clock may be offset. You can use this method for unusual timing between the master and slave

clocks. In order to perfectly sync the 777 to the master sequencer you should stop and restart playback of the mas-

ter sequencer.

Permanent Pattern Transpose

You can now permanently transpose all the notes for a pattern. To transpose a pattern in this way, first select the

desired pattern to be edited and enter the pattern edit mode. Press and hold the

xpose key and the display shows the

current value of transposition. Use the

up/down keys to change the transpose setting. Once you have the transpose

value set, press the

time key while holding the xpose key and the pattern's notes will permanently be rewritten to

their new value. This operation can be executed while the sequencer is running.

Note: Any notes permanently transposed below C1 will be written as C1. Any notes transposed above D#6 will be

interpreted as a rest.