Future Retro 777 Modifications User Manual

Future retro 777 modifications

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Future Retro 777 Modifications

Most of the modifications explained here are simple to do if you have at least some
experience with soldering. If you are not sure you know what you are doing have
someone help who has some experience. If you are not clear on how to do some of the
modifications, contact us and we will do our best to help.

Increasing envelope range

Extended envelope range for filter cutoff
Solder a 220K resistor in parallel with R131 (220K) or replace R131 with a 100K
resistor, for twice the range.

Extended envelope range for OSC B
Solder a 47K resistor in parallel with R178 (47K) or replace R178 with a 22K resistor,
for twice the range.

Creating faster envelope rates

Snappy filter envelope
Short out R78 (47K) or replace R78 with a 50K potentiometer for adjustable accent times
and shortest possible envelope times for the filter’s envelope. NOTE: You will probably
want to make this mod switchable between original and mod version. To do so use a
DPDP switch and use it to short resistor R78 or to switch between resistor R78 and the
50K potentiometer.

Faster envelope time for OSC B’s sweep
Same procedure as the "snappy filter envelope" but with resistor R68 (47K).

Infinite VCA envelope time

Envelope drone for VCA
By lifting D11’s (which will be either a diode or (zero) 0 ohm resistor, depending on
revision) lead that goes to ground and making this connection switchable you can cause
the VCA’s envelope to sustain for an infinite amount of time. When D11 is disconnected
from ground, once triggered the envelope‘s capacitor will be unable to discharge keeping
the VCA level on. The VCA will stay on until D11 is connected back to ground or the
Gate is selected to control the VCA. Note: The envelope will need 1 trigger either from
the internal sequencer or from the external gate in to start the envelope. Once the
envelope has been started/triggered you can either play with the droning tones while the
sequencer is stopped or let the sequencer run and control everything as usual.