Galaxy Audio GA64 / GA64SC User Manual

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Galaxy Audio’s new ERGOMIC wired microphone throws a curve into the typical

microphone design. The interchangeable elements and unique form of the body

make this a microphone for everyone.

The ERGO body was designed with comfort in mind. We started with a thicker

body, much like a wireless microphone. Second, the body tapers to fit the natural

flow of your hand as you grip the microphone body. Third, a finger/hand rest allow

for a relaxing place for your hand or finger and helps prevent your hand from sliding

over the microphone element. Lastly, the solid metal construction provides

excellent durability.

Dynamic Capsule

Ergonomic Handle Design

Interchangeable Mic Head Assembly

Solid Construction

Ergo Grip


apered Body

Switch - Turns Preamp

on for Condenser

Topping off the innovative design of the

ERGOMIC, the microphone heads can also be

easily switched between a Dynamic or

Condenser element. The GA64/SC utilizes

Galaxy Audio's popular mic elements from the

HH64/HH64SC wireless mic transmitter.

When the mic element is removed, this exposes

a switch which must be moved when trading

between condenser and dynamic elements. This

switch is the on/off switch for the preamp when

using phantom power to power the condenser


There are three basic configurations for the

ERGOMIC mic; GA64-dynamic element,

GA64SC-condenser element, GA64DH-

includes 1 condenser element, 1 dynamic

element, 1 ERGO body, and carrying case.