Giga Tent SW 004W User Manual

Canopy sidewalls, Owner’s manual

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Canopy Sidewalls

Owner’s Manual

(for use with Gigatent’s “The Party Tent”)

Model # WL004 / WL004W

20’ W x 77” H (Long Side Walls)

10’ W x 77” H (Short Side Walls)

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For replacement parts, please login to our website at and click the link “replacement parts”.


We strongly suggest setting up your new
canopy walls before initial use to insure that all
parts are present and to familiarize yourself
with the canopy wall’s assembly. This will have
a great effect on how well enjoy your product.


The canopy is very susceptible to damage from high winds and every precaution
should be taken to prevent damage to the canopy and frame. This is extremely
important when the canopy is being used on a hard surface such as a driveway or
concrete. Weights such as sandbags or bricks can be used in place of stakes. In
very heavy torrential rain care must be taken to insure that water does not collect
on the canopy top as this added weight will cause damage to the frame. The
canopy should NOT be left without first detaching the canopy from the frame and
allowing it to fall INSIDE the frame to reduce the risk of collecting rain water, or
the canopy can be taken down.


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