Giga Tent MT 012 User Manual

Mantica, Owner’s manual

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Model # MT012


4’ W x 7.25’ D x 48” H

Owner’s Manual

For questions or concerns call Gigatent at our Toll Free Number:

877-836-8701 Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm EST, Friday 9am-12pm EST or email us at

For replacement parts, please login to our website at and click the link “replacement parts”.


We strongly suggest setting up your new tent before initial use to
insure that all parts are present and to familiarize yourself with the
tent’s assembly. This will have a great effect on how well enjoy your
product and experience.


Though we take very seriously every tent perform according to our
stringent requirements, we strongly recommend all tent seams be
sealed using a water based sealer to avoid water leaking into tent from
seams. For best results, seal seams from outside of tent.


Tent is constructed with tension frame. Tent WILL pop open suddenly
when strap is removed. To avoid harm, make sure area is clear of
people, pets, fire and objects when opening the tent. Open tent by
throwing into the air in a cleared area.


Refer to the sewn-in assembly instructions in the carry pouch to
properly assemble and pack the tent.

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