Care troubleshooting guide, Problem solution – Giga Tent MT 012 User Manual

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This tent meets the flammability requirements of CPIA-84. The fabric may burn if left in continuous contact with any flame source. The
application of any foreign substance to the product fabric may render the flame resistant properties ineffective.

1. Do not pitch tent near an open flame.
2. Do not leave campfires unattended.
3. Do not allow CHILDREN or ADULTS to use lighted candles, matches or other flame sources in or near tents.
4. Do not use heating, lighting or cooking equipment with open flames in or near tents.
5. Do not use fuel burning/oxygen consuming devices (i.e. heaters, lanterns or other flame sources inside your tent at any time.
6. Do not spray with insecticide.
7. EXTREME CAUTION: Never use any fuel burning/oxygen device, or any device that produces fumes (including stoves, lanterns,

candles, hibachis or heaters) in or around your tent. Inhalation of fumes may result in carbon monoxide poisoning, injury and/ or

1. Always extinguish campfire before leaving area.
2. Exercise care when using electricity and lighting in and near tents.
3. Disassemble and store tent properly after camping to ensure the tent’s longevity.
4. Always use a hammer/mallet when driving stakes into the ground.



Condensation is caused by lower temperatures outside the tent which causes moisture vapor from humidity

inside the tent and sleepers’ respiration to form water droplets on the walls and is mostly visible in the corners.

To prevent this from happening keep all objects away from the walls and open up windows to allow the

moisture to escape.

To avoid mildew which can damage a tents waterproofing be sure to never store your tent damp or worse wet.

If mildew occurs you can use a product such as McNett Mirazyme to clean your tent or you can use a product

solution of lemon juice concentrate and water to wash the area. After this you will want to wash the area with

soap and water and then let it dry COMPLETELY before storing.



Tears and small holes can be fixed temporarily by using an adhesive patch kit found in most camping stores.

For long term patches it is best to bring your tent to a repair facility or for minor repairs you can use McNett

Seam Grip. Simply follow the instructions and this will provide a durable permanent patch.


Zippers have 2 parts, the slider which is the part that opens and closes the zipper, and the zipper teeth. What

normally happens is the zipper separates behind the slider. If this carefully move the slider back past the

separation and re-zip. If this fails to fix the problem you may require a new zipper slider or a new complete

zipper which a repair facility may fix for you.


Seams can leak through the needle holes so applying a product such as McNett Seam Grip to your tent before

going camping is the best thing to do. We have seam sealed the rainfly for you but as a minimum we suggest

sealing the seam along the base of all the windows and along the batch tub floor seams as this is the most

likely place for leakage.

Ultra Violet (UV) Exposure
Your tent is made of UV resistant polyester fabric which is resistant but NOT impervious to the damaging effects of long term sun

exposure. We DO NOT suggest long term set up of ANY of our products as this will severely damage the tent fabric.

Seam Sealing
Gigatent suggests that at a MINIMUM the seams at the bottom of the windows should be sealed using a product like McNetts Seam Grip or

a good water based tent sealer to prevent moisture from coming through the needle holes. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when

applying seam sealer.

Structural Integrity
Although the tent was constructed to rigid specifications periods of wind and soaking rain may loosen the stakes and guylines to the point

of allowing the rainfly to flap. This can in turn cause the poles to loosen weakening the overall structure. Loosening of the rainfly can also

create pockets that can collect water which can lead to pole failure. To insure that this does not occur take care during windy or rainy

conditions that all of the stakes and guylines are secure and tight.

DO NOT under any circumstances store your tent wet or damp. Mildew will quickly destroy a tents waterproof coating. Allow your tent to

dry and then store in a cool dry place.

Washing Your Tent
NEVER machine wash a tent as this can cause damage to the waterproof coating. Hand wash with a mild soap and rinse with clean water

and allow to COMPLETELY dry before storing. An extremely dirty tent can be set up and washed like a car or it can be washed in a bathtub

using your hands to agitate the water or a soft brush.