Assembly instructions, Step "1" tent setup – Giga Tent GT 007 User Manual

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Assembly instructions

We advise you, to assemble the tent
once before going camping to assure
that all parts are present, and become
familiar with the assembly of the tent.


Step "1" tent setup

(To prolong the life of the tent floor, select a level, clean area for the campsite)

X 4


Steel Pole

Leg poles (X 4)

Center pole (X 1)



1) Spread the tent body on the ground
2) Tie a loop at each end of the guy ropes
3) Insert the center pole pin into the center grommet (Figure A)
4) Insert the other poles into the grommets at each corner
5) Hang a guy rope loop over the pole pin and stake it down (Figure B)


stake down each pole before continuing to the next one