Start-up procedure – I.C.E. BMA-136 HBR User Manual

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a) This unit shall be electrically interlocked so that it will operate only when the associated exhaust system(s) is

functioning. An exhaust air flow proving switch shall be used (Refer to sheet exhaust interlock) for typical application,
and (wiring diagram) for electric hookup.

b) The total air discharge capacity of the unit cannot exceed by more than 10% the total discharge capacity of the exhaust

systems in conjunction with which it is used. Where the tempered air is discharged directly into a booth, the total air
discharge capacity of the booth.

c) The exhaust air proving switches should be set as to open when the volume of exhaust drops by more than 10% (dirty

exhaust filters, etc.).


a) Run correctly sized gas line to the unit. Install manual shut off valve plug-cock type approved for the application.

NOTE: Gas line pressure must be a least 7” W.C” when unit is operating at full input (Burner manifold pressure at full input
is from 4” to 4 ½” W.C.) Check rating plate on unit for maximum gas input.

b) Bleed and vent lines shall be installed in accordance with the applicable requirements.


1. Install remote supervisor panel or if summer-off-winter switch (is used) in the desired location.
2. Complete wiring to supervisor panel or summer-off-winter switch is shown on wiring diagram.
3. Install fused disconnect switch (to be furnished by installer) and connect 3 phase power supply to disconnect switch

mounted on unit. Voltage must correspond to voltage marked on rating plate.

4. Complete all wiring to accessories (interlocks) as per wiring diagram provided on the unit.

NOTE: It is recommended that filters be removed during winter operation, if up stream from burner.



Check for gas leaks with rich soap and water solution any time work is done on a gas control.


1. Remove shipping blocks from:
a) Blower if rubber or spring isolated.
b) Check to be sure that damper opens, if tied down, remove wire.
c) Check modulating discharge controller, on units, to ensure that it is in the blower air stream. On some units this control

may be mounted external from the unit. If so, check to see that the sensor is installed in

the discharge air stream of

the make-up air heater and that the controller is wired to the modulating motor, regulating gas supply to burner.

2. Make sure that the main firing valve is closed, but that gas is available in the service line.

3. Check to ensure exhaust fans are wired into the control panel and that there is power to the exhaust starter relays. Check

to ensure exhaust fans interlock switches are installed and wired to the control panel.

4. Familiarize yourself with the sequence of operation and wiring diagrams. This will give you information as to how the

unit operates.

5. Check voltage to ensure it matches the voltage stamped on the unit rating plate, and all wires are connected between unit

and remote panel.

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