I.C.E. BMA-136 HBR User Manual

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2. Fresh air damper open, but no power on #9.

a) Damper end switch open (DMES-1) reset

3. High exhaust fan operating, no power on #13.

a) Check high exhaust fan inter lock switch.

4. If supply fan is not operating, check delay start timer (TD1) normally set at 3 seconds to allow for exhaust fan to

come up to speed to keep the booth from over pressure and blow the doors open.
a) Balance exhaust and supply fan.

5. No power on #12.

a) Check summer/winter switch.
b) Spray high limit (HL-S).
c) Check air flow across burner with a magnehelic gauge to ensure proper air flow. Should be a difference between

.45” and .65” W.C.

6. Power on #12, but burner will not come on.

a) Change flame safe guard relay.

7. Power on #12 burner tries to fire up but locks out.

a) Check pilot solenoid valve.
b) Check ignition transformer.
c) Check flame rod, if dirty clean, if cracked isolator replace.

8. Burner on low fire only.

a) Check TD2 timer low fire timer should be set at 20 seconds.
b) Check DC volts on #14 and #15, if above 5 V.D.C. modulation valve may be defective, replace.

9. See Maxitrol literature to trouble shoot the system.

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