Intek 200 User Manual

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I : \ O F F I C E \ W P M A N U A L \ M a n 2 0 0 r v b . w p d

unplug the RJ-11 serial communication cable to avoid possible signal
contention while using the keypad.



Each display line can be independently set for flow, temperature, totalizer, time, date, serial
number/calibration/software version or last factory or field calibration adjustment. Use the TOP
or BOTTOM LINE SCROLL keys (see Figure 5) to select the desired display variable.

Flow =

Four or five digit indication of flow in the specified calibration units.

Temp =

A four digit (0.01 degree resolution) indication of temperature in degrees C.

Temp =

A four digit (0.01 degree resolution) indication of temperature in degrees F.

Tot =

A nine digit totalizer count is available on either the top or bottom line of the
alphanumeric display. Totalizer reset can be performed as described in
SECTION 3.4.2.


Used for internal archiving and event recording.


Used for internal archiving and event recording.

S/N, Cal

The serial number of the transmitter with the selected calibration. There are
four possible calibrations A, B, C or D, which can correspond to different
fluids, sensors, or process configurations. See the Special Instructions Section
if a multi-calibration option is ordered.

Software Ver:

Installed version of instrument software. Factory may require this number
when providing assistance.

Last Cal:

Date of the last calibration or field adjustment performed on the instrument.



There are two ways to reset the totalizer:

Using the keypad, set either the top or bottom line display to ‘Tot = ...’. Then simultaneously
press and hold the TOP LINE SCROLL and the BOTTOM LINE SCROLL buttons until the
totalizer value zeros.


The totalizer can also be reset remotely by closing contacts across the remote reset
terminals. See SECTION 2.3.7 for reset terminal instructions.



SmartSpan is a feature that allows a two point calibration to be easily performed using the
keypad. Any two flow values can be accurately and independently set using the FLOW
CALIBRATION ‘Adj Lo’ or ‘Adj Hi’ buttons. Using a unique Intek algorithm, adjusting
either flow point will not interact or interfere with the previous adjustment in any way.

Establish flow at a known flow value near the low range of normal use (e.g., 15-20% of full
scale flow). Press either the ‘Adj Lo 8’ or ‘Adj Lo 9’ button to increase or decrease the flow
indication respectively. As you continue to hold the button the sensitivity will continue to
increase. For fine adjustment, release the button and continue to press and release to change
the offset incrementally. Recheck the measured flow, compare with the instrument indication,
and readjust as needed. Use the ‘Adj Hi 8’ or ‘Adj Hi 9’ buttons similarly at a high flow (e.g.,
85-95% of full scale flow) to complete the two point calibration.