Intek 200 User Manual

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Intrusive Probes —

!! IMPORTANT: Recommended straight run for best accuracy is a
minimum 20 diameters up stream and 10 diameters down stream.

The various probe transducers are mounted through a threaded collar (NPT/2I and NPT/I) or
flanged tee (BF/2I or BF/I). Other fittings and sensor designs are also available and are
discussed on the Custom Information page. Generally the probes are sized so the tips extend
½ to 1 inch beyond the pipe center line when properly installed. There are exceptions to this
in certain applications; see CUSTOM INFORMATION (SECTION 6) as it applies.

Proper alignment of the sensor with flow is important; the flow direction is indicated on the
transducer tag and/or etched into the transducer. All dual probe transducers (NPT/2I, BF/2I)
are installed so that the two probes are side-by-side across the fluid stream. Never rotate the
junction box that houses the terminal cable connection. If this occurs the transducer could be
damaged and/or installed misaligned with the flow direction.

For high temperature applications, the sensor and surrounding line should be well insulated.
Leave a portion of the transducer neck un-insulated to allow heat dissipation before reaching
the junction box.


Various types of transmitter housings are available. These include NEMA 4, laboratory bench type,
explosion proof, and panel mount enclosures as well as special models to meet customer requirements.
These come in different sizes to accommodate options and special features.


NEMA 4 — The standard industrial housing, this enclosure is watertight (non-submersible)
when the door is properly clamped shut. The housing should be mounted such that wire/cable
ports are located at the bottom of the housing, to reduce problems associated with water spray,
condensation and settling of dust and dirt. An all stainless steel version (NEMA 4X) for
corrosive environments is also available.


NEMA 7 — For use in hazardous (class I) environments. The lid should be closed and all
bolts tightened before the unit is powered up. If a NEMA 7/NEMA 4 enclosure was ordered,
the unit will have a rubber gasket in a groove in the top of the enclosure base. Conduit seals
are frequently required, so applicable code requirements should be met when installing the
conduit into the box.


Laboratory — This table-top unit is NEMA 1 only; do not spill liquid on it or use in a wet
environment. This unit typically has a grounded power cord, and all transducer and output
connections are located on the back of the enclosure.


Panel Mount — For use in a control panel, mounted so the enclosure face is flush with the
panel surface. Most or all connections are made on the back of the enclosure. This unit is
NEMA 1 only; do not use in a wet environment.