Intek 200 User Manual

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The Model 200 is a “smart” instrument having performance characteristics described in SECTIONS 3,
4, and 6. Rheotherm precision flow meters are designed to provide accurate linear or non-linear


(depending on the model) representation of fluid flow rate. They are manufactured exclusively by Intek,
Inc. and employ a patented thermal technique used by industry since 1978. The unique transducer
designs have protected sensors, are easy to install and require little or no maintenance.

Each Rheotherm flow meter consists of two elements — a transducer and a transmitter unit. The
transducers come in two basic designs, intrusive and nonintrusive (SECTION 2.1). Design selection is
based on application constraints or customer preference. The transmitter, for signal processing, is
housed in one of four basic enclosure styles (SECTION 2.2). Again, selection is based on application

Key features of Rheotherm instruments are:

Nonintrusive flow measurement — For pipe sizes from 0.030 to 2 inches, flow sensing can
be done from outside the flow tube.

No moving parts — There are no rotating, translating, undulating or oscillating parts to wear,
stick, break or fatigue.

Chemical compatibility — The wetted surface(s) can be any of a number of corrosion resistant
metals or alloys. There are no internal joints or seals in most TU type transducers.

Flexibility — Rheotherm meters can be ordered calibrated for mass or volumetric units or in
average velocity. Flow rate, totalization and fluid temperature displays or output signals are
available, as well as rangeability up to 100:1 or more.

Fluid pressure options to 10,000 psi (check transducer tag for rating on your unit).

Withstands over ranging — No damage or change in calibration will occur due to excessive
flow rates many times higher than calibration range.

Immunity to shock and vibration.

Optional nuclear radiation hardening.

Range of application includes measurements in capillary tubes to large diameter pipes or ducts.