Intellijel µStep 2.0 User Manual

Intellijel, Μstep v2.0 manual

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Clock Input: Feed a square 0-5V clock signal here.

Rising edges trigger the steps. If you are using the

PCB header to feed a DIN SYNC signal (e.g. from

an STG Time Buffer) then do not plug anything here.

Reset Input: Feed a pulse

0-5V here. Rising edges

trigger the reset.

Gate Length A: Set the gate length of sequence A (red leds). Click one of the buttons

from 1-8 where 1 is the shortest gate time and 8 is the longest.The length of the gate is dependent

on the timing mode. (see RELATIVE TIME MODE and ABSOLUTE TIME MODE for more details)

Sequence Length A: Set the number of steps (1-8) in Sequence A (red leds)

Sequence Length B: (green leds)

Store: Save the current sequence to a preset in one of the 8 locations. Steps with

sequence already stored in that location are indicated with a red led.

NOTE: These presets will not be stored offline unless you use


Load: load one of the 8 presets. Only steps with a red led lit have stored presets.

Choosing any other location will result in loading a blank sequence. On power up of the

module all presets are loaded from EEPROM.

Swing: set the swing amount from 0% (step 1) to 33% (step 8)

Step 1: RELATIVE TIME MODE: the minimum and maximum gate time limits are relative to the interval between incoming clock pulses

Step 2: ABSOLUTE TIME MODE: the minimum and maximum gate times are independent of clock rate.

Step 3: NORMAL CLOCK MODE: clock pulses are processed from the front panel jack.

Step 4: DIN24 CLOCK MODE: front panel clock pulses are ignored and clock pulses are read from the LINK header (compatible with STG Time Buffer)

This is a DINSYNC24 input with 24ppq clock and run/stop signal. The sequence will only run if the run/stop signal on this header is logic high (+5v).

Step 5: STORE TO EEPROM: All currently stored sequences (in the preset locations 1-8) and settings are stored to EEPROM. This memory is non voltatile and

will remain stored once the module is powered off.

Step 6: LOAD FROM EEPROM: Load the EEPROM stored values into the presets. Be default this happens every time you power up the module but you can

call this again if you have editted sequences/settings and want to revert to the last permanently saved values.

Step 7: 8 STEP MODE: The uStep operates as 2x8 step sequences where sequence A is indicated with red leds and sequence B with green.

Step 8: 16 STEP MODE: The uStep operates in 1x16 mode where the red leds indicate steps 1-8 an the green leds steps 9-16. The output of this sequence is on

output jack A. On output jack B is the inverse of whatever 16 step sequence is programmed. Note that in this mode the sequence length can only be changed from

9 to 16 steps. If you want to set less you need to go back to 8 STEP MODE

Step 1: RESET: Press this to manually reset the sequence position to step 1

For the following four choices the currently selected divider is indicated by an led
at that step (e.g. if clock divide by 2 mode is active then step 3 will have a red led)

Step 2: CLOCK ÷ 1: Divide incoming clock by 1 (i.e. Normal mode)

Step 3: CLOCK ÷ 2: Divide incoming clock by 2

Step 4: CLOCK ÷ 4: Divide incoming clock by 4

Step 5: CLOCK ÷ 6: Divide incoming clock by 6 (useful for 24ppq sources)

Step 6: (DO NOTHING): Press this to exit without making any changes

Step 7: CLEAR SETTINGS: Clear all settings but leave sequence steps

Step 8: CLEAR SEQUENCE: Clear all steps but leave settings.

‘X’ Menu: Enter the ‘X’ menu for the following choices:

Gate Output A: 0 - 5V

Gate outs for sequence A

Gate Output B: 0 - 5V

Gate outs for sequence B

Gate Length B: (green leds)

Press + Hold the step button for about half a second to enter the following

configuration modes:

Press + Hold the step button for about one second to enter the following special configuration modes:

Programming Sequences:

Sequence A - single click the step you

want to activate. A red led will be lit to

signify a programmed step. Single

click the same step to deactivate it.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8



µStep v2.0 MANUAL

Sequence B - double click the step you

want to activate. A green led will be lit

to signify a programmed step. Double

click the same step to deactivate it