Intellijel HexVCA (draft) User Manual

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The HexVCA contains six separate DC coupled logarithmic VCAs that have their outputs
normalled to two outputs. The front panel outputs of each VCA is a switching jack which
breaks the normal to the mix out when it is patched. This design allows the HexVCA to be used
as 6 individual VCAs, a 6 input voltage controlled mixer or any combination e.g. 2 patched
VCAs and a four input VC mixer.

At the rear of the HexVCA You will find a six pin header that carries the outputs of the six
VCAs. This can be used to normal the outputs of the HexVCA to the Intellijel Mutagen mixer.

Front Panel

1 - VCA Offset
CV offset, also referred to as bias
knob. CV indicator LED.

2 - IN 1-6
The signal input of the VCAs.

3 - CV 1-6
The control inputs of the VCAs.

4 - Out 1-6
The output of the individual VCAs.

5 - SUM+
The output of the VCAs mixed

6 - SUM-
This is the same as SUM+ except it
has inverted phase.

HexVCA Manual v1.0

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