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Patch Examples

Example 3 - Audio rate modulation / AM synthesis

This patch can produce a wide variety of metallic, sharp and pitched noise sounds.

NOTE: Make sure you turn the Offset knob of HexVCA ch1 to 12 o clock. This opens the VCA
half way which is necessary when using bipolar modulation such as a VCO or LFO.

The HexVCA creates sidebands by modulating the volume of a VCO 1 with VCO 2. These
sidebands can be harmonically related to VCO 1 if VCO 2 also tracks the keyboard and is set
to a even frequency ratio such as 4:1. If the frequency between the VCOs is not even
enharmonic sidebands are created. This is similar to ring modulation except that the original
signal (VCO 1) is still present. By modulating the frequency of VCO 2 with a LFO we get
moving sidebands that alters the timbre.

Experiment with different waves for the two VCOs and various frequencies between VCO 1
and 2. By altering the tracking of VCO 2 with an attenuator enharmonic and noise like sounds
are possible.

Try replacing VCO 1 with external audio such as drum patterns or polyphonic melodies.

HexVCA Manual v1.0

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