Intellijel HexVCA (draft) User Manual

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Patch Examples

Example 1 - Traditional synthesizer voice

HexVCA Manual v1.0

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In this example VCA 1 in the HexVCA is used to control the final level of a traditional
synthesizer voice. The output of the VCO goes into the VCF, the out put of the VCF goes into
the IN 1 of the HexVCA. Knob 1 of the HexVCA should be fully counter clock wise. The gate
out of the keyboard goes into the gate in of a ADSR. The output of the ADSR goes to the CV
1 input of the HexVCA. Out 1 of the HexVCA goes to your mixer, audio interface or
monitoring system.

If the keyboard is not played no sound will pass and the patch will be silent. If a key is played
on the keyboard the ADSR will rise in voltage causing a corresponding rise in volume from
the HexVCA. Once the key is released on the keyboard the ADSR voltage will fall to zero
and the HexVCA will fade to silence.