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Service and Support

The services and support programs described in the table below are available as part of the Cisco Desktop Switching Service and

Support solution.

Ordering Information

Model Numbers

• WS-C2950-12: 12 10/100 ports

• WS-C2950-24: 24 10/100 ports

• WS-C2950T-24: 24 10/100 ports + 2 10/100/1000BaseT ports

• WS-C2950C-24: 24 10/100 ports + 2 100BaseFX ports

Service and Support



Rapid Deployment Tools and Service

Total Implementation Solutions

• Project management

• Site survey, configuration deployment

• Installation, text, and cutover

• Training

• Major Moves, Adds, Changes

• Design review and product staging

• Supplements existing staff

• Ensures functionality meets needs

• Mitigates risk

Core Service and Support


• SMARTnet™ support

• SMARTnet Onsite (OS) support

• 24x7 access to software updates

• Web access to technical repositories

• Telephone support through the Technical

Assistance Center

• Advance replacement of hardware parts

• Enables proactive or expedited issue


• Lowers cost of ownership by utilizing Cisco

expertise and knowledge

• Minimize network downtime

Advanced Service and Support

Solution Packages

Cisco Business Essential Solution (BES)

• Comprehensive solution that includes

Network Supported Accounts (NSA)
Program, ETAC Relationship Manager,
SMARTnet and SMARTnet Onsite support,
Cisco Interactive Mentor (complete library;
five user licenses)

• Maximizes network stability and performance

• Ensures Seamless Change management

• Augments internal networking staff

• Deploys solutions and technologies faster with

less risk

Cisco Business Critical Solution (BCS)

• Comprehensive high availability solution that

includes: Complete Business Essential
Solution, Service Delivery Manager,
NSA-High-Availability Services (NSA-HAS)
Program and Network Availability SAL, 24x7
access to ETAC and CIM enterprise-wide

• Fully optimize network to achieve business

goals and ahead of competitors

• Increase control over network operations

• Proactively drive high network availability