Cisco SPA 2100 User Manual

Getting started

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Cisco SPA 2100 Phone Adapter Installation Manual

Installation of the Cisco SPA 2100 Phone Adapter to NationPhone


P. 1 Index, before you begin, and what is included

P.2 Installing the NationPhone Router & Phone Adapter SPA2100

P.3 Installing the NationPhone Router & Phone Adapter on Multiple Computers

P.4 About the NationPhone Router & Phone Adapter

P.5 Troubleshooting

P.6 DSL/PPPoE Set Up ( most cases when you have internet through you telephone company)

P.9 Troubleshooting for DSL/PPPoE Set Up

If you are experiencing issues with your service, please review these common troubleshooting

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Getting Started

What’s included:

NationPhone Router & Phone Adapter SPA 2100

Ethernet Cable

AC Power Adapter

Equipment you will need:

Broadband Connection: DSL, cable modem, or other high-speed Internet connection

Router (optional): To share your broadband connection with more than one device. A
router is not necessary if you only use one computer.

Traditional Analog Telephone

To use enhanced features, you will need:


Web Browser


If you are using DSL service that requires a User Login and Password

entry in order to connect, please

review the following information