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Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Guide


Chapter 101 IP Phone Services Configuration

Deleting an IP Phone Service

Step 4

Click Save.

You can add, update, or delete parameters as needed as described in

“Configuring an IP Phone Service

Parameter” section on page 101-11


“Deleting an IP Phone Service Parameter” section on

page 101-12


Step 5

To apply the changes, update the IP phone services Configuration window:

If the service was modified after subscriptions existed, click Update Subscriptions to rebuild all
user subscriptions. You must update subscriptions if you changed the service URL, removed a phone
service parameter, or changed the Parameter Name for a phone service parameter.


If you change the service URL, remove an IP phone service parameter, or change the name
of a phone service parameter for a phone service to which users are subscribed, be sure to
click Update Subscriptions to update all currently subscribed users with the changes. If you
do not do so, users must resubscribe to the service to rebuild the URL correctly.

If the service is new and you do not need to rebuild user subscriptions, click Save.

Next Steps

Configure the Services Provisioning setting, which displays in the Phone Configuration window,
Common Phone Profile Configuration window, or Enterprise Parameter Configuration window.

Additional Information

See the

“Related Topics” section on page 101-14


Deleting an IP Phone Service


Cisco strongly recommends that you disable phone services, instead of deleting these services from
Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration. Disabling the phone service does not remove
the service from the database, but it does ensure that the service does not display on the phone. Deleting
the service removes the service from the database. You disable a phone service in the IP Phone Services
Configuration window (Device > Device Settings > Phone Services) for the service that you want to

Perform the following steps to delete an IP phone service.

Before You Begin

When you delete an IP phone service, Cisco Unified Communications Manager removes all service
information, user subscriptions, and user subscription data from the database. To find out which devices
are using the IP phone service, from the IP phone service Configuration window, choose Dependency
from the Related Records drop-down list box and click Go. If the dependency records are not
enabled for the system, the dependency records summary window displays a message. For more
information about dependency records, see the

“Accessing Dependency Records” section on page A-2