Cisco OL-21852-01 User Manual

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Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Guide


Chapter 101 IP Phone Services Configuration

Finding an IP Phone Service

To filter or search records

From the first drop-down list box, select a search parameter.

From the second drop-down list box, select a search pattern.

Specify the appropriate search text, if applicable.


To add additional search criteria, click the + button. When you add criteria, the system searches
for a record that matches all criteria that you specify. To remove criteria, click the button to
remove the last added criterion or click the Clear Filter button to remove all added search

Step 3

Click Find.

All matching records display. You can change the number of items that display on each page by choosing
a different value from the Rows per Page drop-down list box. (For Cisco-provided default IP phone
services, see

Table 101-3



You can delete multiple records from the database by checking the check boxes next to the
appropriate record and clicking Delete Selected. You can delete all configurable records for this
selection by clicking Select All and then clicking Delete Selected.

Step 4

From the list of records that display, click the link for the record that you want to view.


To reverse the sort order, click the up or down arrow, if available, in the list header.

The window displays the item that you choose.

Cisco-provided Default IP Phone Services

Table 101-3

displays the Cisco-provided default IP phone services that display if you specify the search

parameter, IP Phone Service, and then click Find. Cisco Unified Communications Manager
automatically provisions the Cisco-provided default services in

Table 101-3

. To update these services,

click the link in the Find and List IP Phone Service window. You can change the name of the service,
where the default service displays on the phone, and the service URL. If you change the service URL
for the default services, choose Both from the Service Provisioning drop-down list box, which displays
in the Phone Configuration window, the Enterprise Parameter Configuration window, and the Common
Phone Profile Configuration window.


Some Cisco Unified IP Phone models do not support IP phone services. To determine the support for
your phone model, refer to the Cisco Unified IP Phone Administration Guide.