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Warranty & After-Sales Service


Handset purchase includes warranty.

・Check shop name and purchase date.
・Read warranty and keep in a safe place.
・Warranty period is given in warranty.



SoftBank Mobile Corp. is not responsible for any damages
for user or third party resulting from lost opportunities to
make a call, etc. due to breakage, malfunction, or trouble
of product.


Information/settings on handset may be lost/changed due
to malfunction or repairs. It is recommended that you
keep a copy of Address Book contacts and other important
information. SoftBank Mobile Corp. is not responsible for
loss/change of data (contacts, images, sound, etc.) or
settings due to malfunction, repairs, change of model, or
any other handling.


Disassembly/modification of handset is prohibited under
the Radio Law. Note that handset cannot be accepted for
repairs if modified.
Adhering stickers, etc. on Display or Keys or adhering
decorations with glue, etc. may be deemed to be
modifications, and prevent acceptance of handset for

After-Sales Service

To request repairs, contact

Customer Service

or a nearby

SoftBank Shop. Have details of symptoms ready.

・During the warranty period, repairs are made under the

terms and conditions of the warranty.

・After the warranty period, if handset can be repaired,

repairs will be made at cost.

Further inquiries

For more information on after-sales service, contact a
nearby SoftBank Shop or

Customer Service


Customer Service

For SoftBank handset or service information, call General
Information. For repairs, call Customer Assistance.

SoftBank Customer Support

General Information

From a SoftBank handset, dial toll free at 157
From a landline/IP phone, dial toll free at 0800-919-0157

Customer Assistance (Repairs/Lost

From a SoftBank handset, dial toll free at 113
From a landline/IP phone, dial toll free at 0800-919-0113
If you cannot reach a toll free number, use the number
(charges apply) below for your service area:
Hokkaido Area, Tohoku Area, Hokuriku Area, Kanto &
Koshinetsu Area: 022-380-4380
Tokai Area: 052-388-2002
Kansai Area: 06-7669-0180
Chugoku Area, Shikoku Area, Kyushu & Okinawa Area:

Smartphone Technical Support Center

From a SoftBank handset, dial toll free at 151
From a landline/IP phone, dial toll free at 0800-1700-151

SoftBank Mobile Global Call Center

From outside Japan, dial +81-92-687-0025 (toll free from
SoftBank handsets)
If handset is lost/stolen, call this number immediately
(international charges apply)