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Chapter 2

Acquiring & Managing

Kindle books

You'll probably reach a point where you want to group items into categories for easier

access. The Collections feature lets you do this. You can add as many items as you like to

each collection, and items can be added to more than one collection. Your Kindle will sort

your Home page content by "Collections" after you create your first collection.

To create a new collection:

1. Press the Home button, then press the Menu button.

2. Select Create New Collection.

3. Use the keyboard to type a name for the collection, and then press the Keyboard button to

close the keyboard. Navigate to "save" by using the Down Arrow of the 5-way controller,

then pressing the centre select button of the 5-way controller to create the collection.

4. Press the centre button of the 5-way controller to select the collection.

5. Press the Menu button, and select Add/Remove Items to populate the collection.

You can add or remove items at a later date by pressing the Menu button when in a

collection and selecting Add/Remove Items. Other options include Rename Collection and

Delete Collection. Note that deleting a collection from your Kindle does not remove the

content stored on your device. Items previously placed into the collection that are stored

on your Kindle will appear on the Home screen after the collection is deleted.

Archiving and deleting content

To free up space on your Kindle, you can archive items by selecting the item's name on

the Home screen and pressing the Left Arrow on the 5-way controller. Select "remove

from device", and press the centre button of the 5-way controller.

Copies of all your books, recent issues of newspapers and magazines, and personal

documents are archived on Amazon's servers. If you wish to retrieve content that you've

archived, select Archived Items on the Home screen or press the Menu button, and then

select View Archived Items. Use this same method to download previously purchased

content to a new Kindle.

The Manage Your Kindle page on Amazon offers a useful way to view and manage your

Kindle content, settings, and account using a web browser. To learn more, go to

Periodicals: Older issues of newspapers and magazines are stored on the Home screen

in a collection entitled "Periodicals: Back Issues." Issues that are more than seven issues

old will be automatically deleted to free up space for new content. An exclamation mark

next to an issue indicates that it will be deleted soon. To keep a copy of an issue, press

the Menu button from within the issue and select Keep This Issue.