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Chapter 1

Getting Started

Chapter 1
Getting Started

Using the controls

You only need to learn a few simple controls to navigate around your Kindle.

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buttons are located on each side of the device

so you can hold your Kindle with either hand whilst reading.

Back button: Use this button to retrace your steps. For example, you can follow a web

link from a book, then use the Back button to return to your place in the book.

Keyboard button: This button brings up an onscreen keyboard for entering text. Use the

5-way controller to navigate the keyboard. You can dismiss the keyboard either by

pressing the Done button or the Keyboard button. When searching for a title or author,

press the Keyboard button, enter your search string and select the Enter key on the

onscreen keyboard to initiate the search.

5-way controller: The 5-way controller enables you to quickly perform many common

tasks on your Kindle. It has a centre select button plus four arrows. To scroll up or down

on a page, use the Up and Down Arrows. When reading a book with chapters, you can

use the Left and Right arrows to skip through chapter by chapter. Please note that

pressing the Left and Right arrows to change chapters is not supported in all books. You

can also use the Left and Right Arrows to move the cursor along a line of text. To select a

menu item, use the Up or Down Arrow until the item you want is highlighted, then use the

centre button on the 5-way controller to select it.