Chapter 4 getting more from your kindle, Customising your kindle settings – Kindle 2nd edition User Guide User Manual

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Chapter 4

Getting More From Your


Chapter 4
Getting More From Your Kindle

Customising Your Kindle Settings

To go to the Settings page, select Settings from the Home screen menu. Use the Next


and Previous Page

buttons to view all the options. The available settings


Aeroplane Mode: Allows you to disable wireless connectivity.

Wi-Fi Networks: The number of detected Wi-Fi networks and the name of the Wi-Fi

network you are currently connected to, if any.

Registration: Indicates the Amazon account name to which your Kindle is registered. Use

this option to register and deregister the device.

Device Name: Allows you to change the name displayed at the top of the Home screen.

Device Info: The Wi-Fi MAC Address, device serial number and network capability of your


Device Language: Shows the current language for menus, alerts, and dialog boxes and

allows you to change to a different language.

Send-to-Kindle E-mail: You can send documents to your Kindle by using this e-mail

address. Your document will also be added to your Archived Items. To learn more, go to

Device Password: Allows you to restrict access to your Kindle by setting a password.

You will subsequently be prompted to enter the password whenever you turn on the

device or wake it from sleep. If you forget your password, try looking at the hint you

entered when you created it. If you still do not remember your password, you must contact

Kindle Customer Service.

Parental Controls: Lets you restrict access to the experimental web browser, Kindle

Store, and Archived Items. Parents may use this feature to prevent children from

purchasing content without their permission or from browsing any inappropriate online

content. You will be prompted to enter a password when you restrict access to one of

these areas. Note that this password will be required to make changes to settings within

Parental Controls. When Parental Controls are enabled you will see a lock icon at the top

of the screen next to the Wi-Fi status indicator. Deregistration and Reset to Factory

Defaults settings will be disabled.

Device Time: Allows you to set the current local time to be displayed on your Kindle.

Pressing the Menu button from any Kindle screen will display the time at the top of the