NOYAFA NF-3368 User Manual

Page 7

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7.2 The MAIN and REMOTE unit:
The 4 in 1 Cable Tester, is consists of a Master unit and
Remote unit. The Remote is detachable when testing
cablesBe careful when remove it from the master because
the plastic edge is a little sharp.

7.3 Testing Patch cables:
“Patch” cables have both ends accessible at the same location.
Usually,these cables are less than 25ft in length, and are not
installed in a wall orceiling.Since both ends are accessible,
one end one be plugged into the 4 in 1 Main unit,and the other
into the remote unit.It is unecessary to remove the remote unit
from its docked position on the Main unit.

7.4 Testing Installed cables:
If the two ends of testing cable are not in the same location,
the Remote can be detached from the Main unit. Once
detached, the Remote can be attached to one end a cable,
and the Main unit attached to the other end of the cable.

7.5 Performing the Test:
Once the Remote and Main unit are attached to the ends of
the subject cable, as described in 6.3 and 6.4, testing may
begin, simply press and release the Test Button on the Main
unit, observe the LED indicators, and note the“beep” sound
that comes from the Main unit.

Your excellent helper in cable test!


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