NOYAFA NF-3368 User Manual

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2.5 Do not use this tester to make measurements in adverse
environments such as rain, snow, fog, or locations with steam,
explosive gases or dusts.

2.6 Avoid usage near strong electrostatic fields (high voltage
power lines,televsions,computer monitors,etc.).

2.7 Avoid usage near strong RF fields (radio or television
transmitters, walkie talkies, cellular phones etc.).

2.8 Remove the battery when the tester isn’t used for more
than 1 month. Chemical leakage from the battery could
damage the tester.


3.1 Test 4 types of cables

3.2 Simple one button test

3.3 Ergonomic portable handheld design

3.4 Tests installed wiring or patch cables

3.5 Remote unit stores in Main unit

3.6 600 ft test distance (RJ-45/RJ-11/BNC)

3.7 Built in battery access

3.8 LEDs indicate connections and faults

3.9 Beeper provides audible annunciation of test results

3.10 Tests shielded (STP) or unshielded(UTP) LAN cables

3.11 Test shields USB cables

Your excellent helper in cable test!


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