NOYAFA NF-3368 User Manual

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Your excellent helper in cable test!


7.6 Interpreting the Results:
7.6.1 Power LED:
The Power LED should light whenever the “Test” Button is
pressed and released. It will be on for a minimum of 5seconds.
If the power LED does not light, replace the battery.

7.6.2 Low Battery LED:
The low Battery LED should not light . If it does, replace
the battery.

Your excellent helper !

7.6.3 No connection LED/Single Beep
If the Remote is not connected to the Main unit with a cable,
or the cable has no intact conductors, the No Connection
LED will light and the Beeper will sound Once.

When testing an RJ-45 UTP cable. The S/G LED must not light.
When testing an RJ-45 UTP cable. The S/G must light.

The 4 in 1 is intended to test complete cables. It may not find
faults in cables that are intentionally incomplete. For example,
the standard EIA/TIA 568 RJ-45 terminated Ethernet cable is
expected to contain 8 conductors. If only 4 conductors are
used between the RJ-45 connectors, the 4 in 1 may not
properly identify the faults.

RJ-11 cables may have 2 connections, 4 connections, or as many
as 6 connections .For 2 connection cables, LED 3 and 4 must
light . For 4 connection cables, LED 2, 3,4 and 5 must light. For 6
connection cables, LED 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 must light.

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