Install your powerline adapter, Plug each powerline adapter into a power outlet – On Networks PL200P User Manual

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Install Your Powerline Adapter

For each Powerline adapter you are adding to
your existing Powerline network, do the
1. Plug each Powerline adapter into a power


2. Set up security on your Powerline adapter to

add it to your existing Powerline network.
Press the Security button for 2 seconds,
then press the Security button on one of the
other Powerline adapters in your existing
network for 2 seconds. Both buttons must be
pressed within 2 minutes.

Note: Do not press the Security button on the
Powerline adapter until installation is complete
and the adapters are communicating with each
other (indicated by the blinking Powerline LED).
Pressing this button too soon can temporarily
disable Powerline communication. If this situation
occurs, press the Reset button to return the
Powerline adapter to its factory default settings.