On Networks PL200P User Manual

Page 7

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Check the electrical current for any device
plugged into the filtered AC socket. Do not
exceed home and product outlet ratings and
electrical requirements.

The socket-outlet must be installed near the
equipment and be easily accessible.

Only power cords are allowed to be inserted
into the filtered AC outlet; no other
equipment with a direct plug-in is allowed.
Power cord needs to be a maximum of 1 m
long and a minimum of 0.75 mm square of
cross-sectional area.

Do not plug devices into the PL200P filtered
AC outlet that exceed the product ratings.
The output voltage of the filtered AC outlet is
the same as the power outlet that the
PL200P is plugged into. To help avoid
damaging your system, be sure that the
attached devices are electrically rated to
operate with the power available in your

If the input AC voltage is less than 100 Vac,
the device plugged into the filtered AC
socket of the PL200P might not perform as
well as expected.