Connect devices to your powerline adapter, Safety information – On Networks PL200P User Manual

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3. Connect devices to your Powerline adapter.

You can connect a device, such as a router
or a computer, to the Ethernet port on the
bottom of the Powerline adapter.

Safety Information

For national approvals (approval schemes
other than CB), relevant national standards
for plug, socket-outlet, and direct plug-in
units (for example, US) shall also be
consulted while testing and approving such
products according to national standards.

AC input rating (NA): 100–125V, 0.2A (Max);
50–60Hz excluding socket outlet rating.

AC input rating (AU, UK, FR, EU): 200–250V,
0.2A (Max), 50–60Hz excluding socket outlet

Model Number ratings (maximum load): EU:
16A 250V~, UK: 13A 250V~, FR: 16A,
250V~, NA: 12A 125V~, AU: 10A, 250V~.

Operating temperature: 0–40° C.