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2 | Overview of Features


Thank you for purchasing the Source Audio Programmable EQ. The

Programmable EQ is a compact, 7-band digital equalizer with four user
preset locations. It uses high-precision processing combined with profes-
sional quality analog/digital converters for superior tone. The digital
nature of the unit offers a significant advantage over analog equalizers

in that presets can be easily saved and recalled. The MIDI input and Back-
page features further extend the capabilities of the unit.

Flexible Range: +/- 18dB of range over 7 bands. An 8th band at 62Hz can

be edited using the Octave Extend Backpage function.

Small Footprint: A compact, rugged, cast aluminum housing.

State of the art DSP: 56-bit processing and crystal clear 24-bit


Digital Flexibility: Presets can be quickly saved and restored.

All presets can be accessed via the footswitch.

Hardwire “True” Bypass: hardwire bypass utilizes a small-signal relay

for improved reliability and remote switching capabilities.

MIDI input: recall presets, engage/bypass remotely via MIDI.